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Table of Contents
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Friday, 1 November 2013

How Modules Work?

As it is already mentioned in previous articles that modules are like telling the job to PostingKIT so the software do the job according to your requirement and in such way you can make the PostingKIT to do any thing you want.

As mentioned there are three type of functions, basic settings, inputs and steps. Here steps are the main thing which we would guide you.

For example you want to open a website like and look at its source. You can do that by opening web browser and type there, when the site is loaded in web browser you would simple write click the website and look at its source, now that is manual job, what if you want the same thing to be done by PostingKIT, you can do that by following way:

1) Open new project in PostingKIT.

2) From Module drop down select, Create New Custom Module.

3) Create New Custom Module window will appear, fill the form as below:

Module Name: Write Any Name
Module Description: Write Any Description or Detail of Module

After writing module name and description, click on create button.

4) Select your module from drop down menu.

5) Goto Module Source.

6) Add Open Url step function:

7) Put Name as any text which make you to remember, and web url as the website you want to open, we have inputted as we want to open it. After that click on add function button.

8) This would open the website, now you want to see source add another function to see the source code in message box. We add another function known as Info MsgBox, and write name, and in message write <step1>, after that add function.

9) Click on any of step in list and click on test button.

10) See opened website in debug tab, and after that message box with source code.


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